Sustainability at Fernblick

Three pillars for sustainable development:

Clean energy, regional products, environmental awareness... Sustainability as we understand it in Fernblick is much more. Because in order for our Fernblick to continue to exist in harmony with our surroundings and the people of Vorarlberg for the next 100 years, many small measures are necessary that combine to form a large whole. In addition to the ecological pillar, such as resource-saving energy management, our sustainability strategy is based on two other pillars, the economic and above all the social.

Secure energy supply with a view to the future

In order to be able to offer our guests an all-round perfect holiday experience, a lot of energy is needed. For the sake of the environment, we at Fernblick have relied on alternative sources for a long time already. Some of our pools in the wellness area are kept at a pleasantly warm temperature by means of geothermal probes, and the hotel is also heated by pellets. In addition, we are supported by the sun, because thanks to our south facing on Bartholomaeberg, we can use our solar system all year round.

It only works together

Sustainability is one of the issues we all have to tackle together! That's why we rely on your help with many of our measures. Help us to ensure that your holiday at Fernblick is not only good for your relaxation, but also good for the environment. However, it is very important to us that you can still enjoy your holiday to the full. For example, we no longer have disposable bath slippers as standard in our wellness bag. You can pick them up at the reception free of charge or use the bath slippers you brought with you. In our spa you will find biodegradable cups made of corn starch for refreshment between your sauna sessions - the perfect combination of comfort and sustainability.

You can also take steps towards sustainability when you arrive. You can take the train to the station in Schruns. And for the last few kilometres, we will be happy to pick you up there with our guest bus. This way you can start your Fernblick holiday comfortably and environmentally conscious. Many other sustainable measures have long since become a habit at Fernblick. For example, you can rent sports equipment such as snowshoes from us in the hotel. E-bikes have also been available since May. You drive an electric car? Perfect! You can conveniently charge your car at our newly built quick-charging stations - just like you charge your own batteries while relaxing in our Me(e)hr_blickspa.


Employees - the highest asset of a company

The hotel and catering industry is a fast-moving sector? We at Fernblick therefore want to give our team members stability and security. For us, this includes year-round employment, modern and high-quality accommodation as well as an environment in which our team members feel they are in good hands for the long term and make Montafon to their home. Because we know that a team of reliable employees who are enthusiastic about their work is one of the most important components of our company.


Training - an investment in the future

We want to give young people a perspective, which is why we train several apprentices every year at Fernblick and have been cooperating - since its foundation in 2017 - with GASCHT, the new school for tourism professions in Vorarlberg. The innovative training school has set itself the goal of winning back more qualified employees for tourism in the long term. As a partner from the very beginning, class workshops are repeatedly held at Fernblick, several students complete their internships at our hotel every year and also complete their professional exams with us as a training company.


Family hotel 100 years, four generations and a shared passion - to be a host from the bottom of our hearts. With Magdalena and Lukas, the fourth generation of the Zudrells has entered hotel management in 2022. Gentle, sustainable development is the focus.

A region working together

We take economically sustainable measures above all in cooperation with our many regional partners. Vorarlberg has so many treasures in store. Not only do magnificent views and nature experiences await you, but also plenty of culinary discoveries. You are sure to encounter some regional delicacies at our buffet, as part of our gourmet menu or at the Fernblick Bar. And soothing products, made in Vorarlberg, also await you in your room. We work together with these experienced partners:

Hotel Fernblick Montafon - Regionale Kulinarik
Alfred Werle, Bartholomaeberg
A crown of lamb, braised vegetables, a fine sauce and a glass of Fernblick wine - simply a perfect dinner. We get our lamb from the immediate vicinity from farmer Alfred Werle.
Michelehof, Hard
Most of the time, the Büchele family from Michelehof processes their tasty fruit varieties into fine brandies. In the season from August to November, however, they also supply us with their fresh apples. You can find them at our vitality buffet as an energy-rich snack.