Wellnesshotel Vorarlberg - Saunen | Hotel Fernblick Montafon

Healthy Sweating in Your Sauna Hotel

Sauna, rest and joy all around

Strengthen your immune system in our hotel with sauna and steam bath, do something good for your skin, and feel completely relaxed afterwards. In a total of six saunas including steam bath, our Fernblick Swiss pine sauna, the Fernblick biosauna, the Fernblick steam bath, the Maisäss outdoor sauna, the infrared cabin (NEW), and our new event sauna, the interplay of heat & cold awaits you. Wellness in the Vorarlberg region simply cannot do without a sauna with various infusions. With us at the Fernblick Wellness Hotel in the Montafon area you can expect a whole host of them. Now it is up to you to choose your favourite sauna with us.

Wellnesshotel Vorarlberg - Saunen | Hotel Fernblick Montafon


Eventful Infusions.

This is a new highlight, because sauna ceremonies for all senses and an incomparable view await you in the impressive event panorama sauna. It was built in 2020 in the course of the expansion and shows once again that we at the Fernblick Hotel with sauna are committed to spaciousness with plenty of room for you. Our new event sauna turns wellness in the Montafon Valley into a real experience and raises the interaction of heat and water in combination with various scents to a new level.

Wellnesshotel Vorarlberg - Saunen | Hotel Fernblick Montafon
Wellnesshotel Vorarlberg - Saunen | Hotel Fernblick Montafon
Wellnesshotel Vorarlberg - Saunen | Hotel Fernblick Montafon
Wellnesshotel Vorarlberg - Saunen | Hotel Fernblick Montafon
Wellnesshotel Vorarlberg - Saunen | Hotel Fernblick Montafon


Traditional Sauna Ritual.

Once upon a time there was a fantastically situated snack station with beautifully panelled rooms made of very old wood. This had to make way for something new, our Hotel Fernblick Montafon, which pampers you today. Because the old wood was so valuable and wonderful, we built our "Maisäss outdoor sauna" using it. It was important to us to preserve a piece of our heritage, so we planned this sauna for you. The outdoor sauna is probably the most sought-after place on the whole Bartholomaeberg. It is very popular in summer and winter, because it’s not just the breath-taking view down into the Silbertal valley makes you sweat in the hotel with sauna.

Wellnesshotel Vorarlberg - Saunen | Hotel Fernblick Montafon
Hotel Fernblick in Montafon - Eingang zur Aussensauna
Hotel Fernblick Montafon - Aussensauna im Winter
Wellnesshotel Vorarlberg - SPA-Anwendungen | Hotel Fernblick Montafon

Royal infusion experience.

As soon as you enter the sauna, the pleasant, distinctive, and above all healthy scent of Swiss pine will rise to your nose. The unique scent of Swiss stone pine, also known as the queen of the Alps, not only promotes your relaxation, but also dispels everyday stress. Not only is the recreational effect of the Swiss pine sauna in our Fernblick Hotel with sauna said to be beneficial, a visit has an antibacterial effect, strengthens the immune system, and also promotes the health of the circulatory system.

Bio sauna enjoyment.

Our bio sauna will inspire you at Wellness in the Vorarlberg region. Our bio sauna is a sweat bath in the true sense of the word. The room temperature is 65 degrees Celsius, the air humidity 50 percent. In our hotel with sauna you therefore sweat especially gently. Our infusions of fresh herbs complete the sauna experience with the finest aromas from the Alpine region. Especially in the cold season, a sauna in our hotel with sauna can work wonders, because it positively influences your immune system and thus protects against colds.

Gentle sweating pleasure.

If the classic sauna is too intense for you, you can choose the gentle version, the steam bath, in our Fernblick Hotel with sauna. Here, the average temperature is between 40 and 45° C. However, humidity is much higher, as supersaturated water vapour is conducted into the room. Stay in this steam bath with pleasant temperatures and even more pleasant scents. After the steam bath, we recommend that you rest a little in our wonderful resting areas to fully enjoy the sauna experience.