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Last-Minute (Fe_rn)blick

Ready for a holiday? Do you live in the moment and love to be spontaneous? In that case, we at the Hotel Fe_rnblick Montafon have just the right thing for you! Profit from our Last-Minute Booking offers. Last-Minute Wellness simply means taking advantage of the moment and allowing yourself a quick break from the hectic pace of everyday life. And such a last-minute wellness holiday in the Montafon Valley doesn't have to be planned for long. Our offers are varied, packed with our all-inclusive services, exquisite pleasures of the Fe_rnblick Culinarium, and the SPA variety of our Me(e)hr_blick Wellness Oasis and the Me(e)hr_blick SPA. Last-minute in the Montafon does not mean that all things are moving fast here. On the contrary, at our Hotel Fe_rnblick Montafon you will find plenty of space to rest and relax, allowing you to spend your holiday at your own pace.

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There are no last minute rooms available at the moment.
Hotel Fernblick Montafon - Infinity Pool

Fe_rnblick. Happy Moments!

Happiness. Relaxation. Time_off!
4 nights with 50% discount on the last night (bookable Sun-Thu, Mon-Fri). Start the week with a relaxing break in the Montafon and enjoy the Fernblick cuisine with a view of the impressive mountain peaks.