Hotel Fernblick Montafon - Regionale Kulinarik

Enjoy the Fe_rnblick Culinarium

Holidays in the Montafon Area Filled with Culinary Delights

Celebrate culinary delights in the Wellnesshotel in Vorarlberg - our Fe_rnblick Culinarium is designed to take you into a world of taste. Our chef Florian Ganahl is known beyond the borders of Vorarlberg for his great talent at combining the traditional Vorarlberg cuisine with the treasures of the international culinary world. He always has quality and regionality in sight.

In the Hotel Fe_rnblick you will be pampered in the restaurants & parlours, at the bar, and in our vinotheque far away from the stress of everyday life. Here, you can devote yourself to pure delight and enjoy the 3/4 Fe_rnblick Wellness Board, while our kitchen staff lovingly takes care of every single dish.

Hotel Fernblick Montafon - Panorama-Restaurant
Hotel Fernblick Montafon - Panorama-Restaurant
Hotel Fernblick Montafon - Regionale Kulinarik
Hotel Fernblick Montafon - Panorama-Restaurant
Hotel Fernblick Montafon - Regionale Kulinarik
REGIONALITY - Pride of Origin.
The mountains, the alpine meadows, the local farmers...the sources of our natural products.
QUALITY - Pure and Genuine.
Directly from the surroundings, completely pure, without long delivery routes and additives... simply because less is often more.
TRADITION - From Generation to Generation.
Specialities as we know them from ancient times, craftsmanship brought from the past to the present... a pleasure experience for generations.
COSINESS - Ambience and Heart.
Arrive, feel good, and indulge in sumptuous cuisine...when a cosy ambience meets culinary art and the vista.
PANORAMA - A Feast for the Eyes too.
Our dishes are tastefully presented against the backdrop of the Montafon Mountains...
simply look beyond your plate and enjoy the view!
Clever Combination
Pleasure is one of the things that require selected ingredients. A philosophy that carries this, places that form the perfect stage and finally the people who skilfully combine all these elements: Just like here with us at the Hotel Fe_rnblick Montafon!