Dive In.

Holidays in a Hotel with Infinity Pool

Immerse in the refreshing waters!

Mountains and water, this is probably the best combination for an active holiday with lots of wellness opportunities. Our Fernblick Hotel Montafon will delight you with five pools - including our beautiful Infinity Pool – and promises cooling on hot days in summer and pleasantly warm water temperatures in winter thanks to the optional heating. Since we are a hotel with Sky Pool, Infinity Relax Pool, Panorama Jacuzzi, and a Panorama Indoor Pool, there is always plenty of variety. Stretch your lengths with an unrestricted view, enjoy the gentle bubbling in the Jacuzzi, and enjoy life!

Hotel Fernblick Montafon - Sky Pool


There's light on the horizon.

Our infinity pool stands on 20-meter-high poles and is enthroned above a mountainous slope, giving you a feeling of weightlessness. This is only surpassed by the view of the natural scenery of the Montafon. From our Sky Pool you have the feeling of looking into the mountains from an endless sea. Desired and loved by wellness lovers and sporty swimmers alike, our hotel with Sky Pool impresses our guests and lets them lose themselves in its infinite vastness and the fantastic panorama of the Montafon.


  • Length: 20 metres

  • Water temperature: 28-30 °C

  • Opening hours: 07:00 am - 07:00 pm

  • Highlight: boundless vision


Wellnesshotel Vorarlberg - Skypool | Hotel Fernblick Montafon
Wellnesshotel Vorarlberg - Skypool | Hotel Fernblick Montafon
Hotel Fernblick Montafon - Infinity Pool


Exclusivity – that's all it takes.

During your stay with us at the Hotel Fernblick Montafon and when visiting our Me(e)hr_blick Wellness Oasis, the Me(e)hr_blick SPA and especially our Infinity Relax Pool with its numerous Indoor & Outdoor Jacuzzi areas, we can offer you a very special, relaxing, and above all unforgettable experience. The additional 40 metres of Infinity Relax Pool with a pleasant temperature of 32 - 33° C and a breath-taking view is the highlight of our 2020 renovation campaign, and is the heart of our "Saunahus" - the textile-free area of our Me(e)hr_blick Wellness Oasis exclusively available to adults (16 years and older).


  • Length: 40 metres

  • Water temperature: 32-33° C

  • Opening hours: 11:00 am - 07:30 pm

  • Highlights: numerous Jacuzzi areas and massage jets, view into the Silbertal Valley

Wellnesshotel Vorarlberg - Infinitypool | Hotel Fernblick Montafon
Hotel Fernblick Montafon - Entspannen am Infinity Pool
Hotel Fernblick Montafon - Pärchen im Infinity Pool
Hotel Fernblick Montafon - Infinity Pool
Hotel Fernblick Montafon - Paar am Infinity Pool
Hotel Fernblick Montafon - Infinity Pool


Water fun, inside and out.

Nothing melts away the tension as quickly as a bath in the pleasantly bubbling water of our Indoor Relax Pool. Here you can lean back and simply enjoy the wonderful view through the panorama windows in the Jacuzzi. And if you feel like going outside, you can swim right into the Infinity Relax Pool.


  • Size: approx. 30 m²
  • Water temperature: 32-34° C
  • Opening hours: 11:00 am - 07:30 pm
  • Highlights: Connection to the outside pool


Sky Pool Montafon in der Morgendämmerung


Sparkling wellness pleasure with a view.

In our Hotel Fernblick Montafon you can enjoy the warm 34 -35° C outside in our panorama Jacuzzi and let the landscape of the Montafon work its magic on you. Especially after exercise in the mountains, relaxing in the Jacuzzi is simply good for you, thanks to the hydro massage that stimulates the muscles. The combination of heat, massage, and the buoyancy provide real deep relaxation.


  • Size: approx. 20 m²
  • Water temperature: 34-35°C
  • Opening hours: 09:00 am - 07:00 pm
  • Highlights: Whirl benches and massage jets


Outdoors and indoors, always refreshing.

Swimming with a view, by the way, is also possible in our Panorama indoor pool. In our wellness Hotel in Vorarlberg, you can indulge in swimming pleasures in all weather, as a wonderful water body awaits you indoors as well. Of course, we have made sure that nothing can obstruct your view of the mountains.


  • Length: 10 metres
  • Water temperature: 28-30° C
  • Opening hours: 07:00 am - 07:00 pm