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Early-Bird Holidays in the Montafon Area

Love at First Sight

Do you know why the early bird is the smartest? It knows full well that if too much time passes, all the worms are gone. It's the same here with us. Take advantage of our early bird offer and secure a wonderfully varied holiday in Vorarlberg in advance! The price is only one advantage, equally fantastic is the longer feeling of anticipation, which – after all – is considered the most beautiful of joys. Early bird holidays in the Montafon area have lots to offer, see for yourself! Enjoy our many inclusive services, let yourself be pampered in our Me(e)hr_blick SPA, and enjoy the enchanting view from our Sky Pool and the Panorama Terrace. And during your varied break in the Vorarlberg region, meet the Early Bird in person when it is circling the Montafon Mountains in the morning sun.

For more detailed information, please contact our reception team.


Limited early bird offer

Available up to 6 weeks before arrival date

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Fernblick F

Fe_rnblick Dream Days

31.07.2020 - 25.04.2025

(3+1). Fe_rnblick. Wanderlust!
4 nights (3 days + 1 day free of charge), which fully live up to our name: Fe_rnblick! Satisfy your wanderlust and be captivated by the incomparable view over the Montafon area!

4 nights
from 743 €