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The Fe_rnblick holiday offers in the Vorarlberg area

At the Hotel Fernblick Montafon you can spend 365 days in the beautiful mountain landscape of the Montafon Valley with lots of character and even more inspiration for unforgettable days. Our Fernblick holiday offers in the Vorarlberg region combine classic outdoor activities, personal wellness via the Mehr_blick Wellness offer, a varied sports programme, and sumptuous regional cuisine in a cosy atmosphere. Whether you are looking for accommodation for three nights, wish to spend a short holiday, or a whole week, you will find the right holiday offer in the Vorarlberg region here with us at Hotel Fernblick Montafon. Throughout the year you can discover each of the four seasons in its own special way, but all of them always have something in common: when you’re staying with us, you’ll experience unforgettable days and nights full of relaxation, recreation, and wellness pleasure!

7 nights
from 1,484 €

Montafon Mountain Spring Feeling

15.04.2023 - 17.06.2023

Mountain. Spring. Feel!
7 nights "on the mountain" with lots of feeling. Experience the freshness of spring on vitalising hikes through nature. Draw new strength in the tranquillity of the Montafon area and let yourself be pampered by our wellness offers.

3 nights
from 672 €

Mountain Biking Pleasures Montafon

15.04.2023 - 29.10.2023

Panorama. Biking. Mountains!
3 nights and full service for pure mountain biking enjoyment! Grab your mountain bike and explore the Montafon’s varied mountainscape right outside the doors of our Hotel Fe_rnblick Montafon.

4 nights
from 724 €

Fe_rnblick. Happy Moments!

01.05.2023 - 18.12.2023

Happiness. Relaxation. Time_off!
4 nights with 50% discount on the last night (bookable Sun-Thu, Mon-Fri). Start the week with a relaxing break in the Montafon and enjoy the Fernblick cuisine with a view of the impressive mountain peaks.

3 nights
from 681 €

Birthday Celebrations

01.05.2023 - 18.12.2023

Young. Old. Party On!
3 nights to celebrate far away from everyday life? We celebrate your birthday and make it unforgettable! Life is full of highlights. Happy Birthday!

3 nights
from 687 €

3 Days of Wellness Delights

01.05.2023 - 18.12.2023

Wellness. Break. Delights_!
3 nights when everything revolves around wellness. Forget the stress of everyday life as our wellness break takes you into a world of cosmetic treatments and massages and offers stunning views from our Infinity Relax Pool.

4 nights
from 848 €

Breathe a sigh of relief and enjoy some me-time

01.05.2023 - 18.12.2023

Time. To. Breathe!
4 nights that are all about finding your breath again. Taking the time to breathe a sigh of relief is exactly what it sounds like: peace, relaxation, and wellness with occasional infinity pool dips and lots of time.

7 nights
from 1,582 €

Wellness & Spa Pleasure Week

01.05.2023 - 18.12.2023

Wellness. Spa. Pleasure Week!
7 nights full of vision and views! A week to enjoy, switch off, and recharge your batteries in our Me(e)hr_blick SPA on over 3,000 m² with five pools and six saunas. Leave all your stress behind!

3 nights
from 780 €

Pleasure for Two

01.05.2023 - 18.12.2023

Pleasure. Together. Two_fold!
3 nights with the motto “togetherness”. Discover the special places in our Hotel Fe_rnblick Montafon – such as our Infinity Relax Pool or our Me(e)hr_blick Wellness Oasis – and immerse yourselves completely in togetherness.

4 nights
from 676 €

Fe_rnblick Dream Days

01.05.2023 - 18.12.2023

(3+1). Fe_rnblick. Wanderlust!
4 nights (3 days + 1 day free of charge), which fully live up to our name: Fe_rnblick! Satisfy your wanderlust and be captivated by the incomparable view over the Montafon area!

3 nights
from 744 €

Girlfriend Days

01.05.2023 - 18.12.2023

Friends. Days. Now_!
3 nights for all the things we wish we had more time for: heart-to-heart conversations, mindful wellness, and simply feeling good by spending time laughing with your best friend. The time is NOW!

7 nights
from 1,484 €

Fernblick Mountain Summer Feeling

17.06.2023 - 16.09.2023

Mountain. Summer. Feel it!
7 nights of pure summer feeling! Explore the Montafon mountain landscape in the invigorating summer sunshine and let our nature-oriented staff take you to the most picturesque places in the Montafon.

7 nights
from 1,484 €

Feel the Golden Autumn

16.09.2023 - 02.12.2023

Golden. Autumn. Time!
7 nights to experience the magic as the forests become more colourful, the sunlight turns golden, and the air even fresher. Prepare yourself for the cooler season and strengthen your immune system during pleasure hikes through colourful, picturesque forests and let the fantastic views take effect on you.