Fine dining at the Gourmet Hotel Fernblick Montafon


Culinary indulgence at its best

Steaming pots, clattering dishes, spinning cooks and scrumptious flavors already seeping through from the kitchen into the dining room and making the foodie’s mouth water. That’s how a regular day looks like at our gourmet hotel. Our chef Florian Ganahl is well-known way beyond the Vorarlberg borders for enchanting our guests with tasty treats and delicacies, thus putting the icing on the cake on your perfect relaxing vacation.



Pampering for the soul: with our chef Florian Ganahl’s signature dishes

Our kitchen is designed to take our guests to another world. Away from the stress and the everyday life, into relaxation, well-being and pure enjoyment. Not only do we offer culinary delights for the epicures, but we also pamper your soul. Our kitchen staff treats every single plate with love and care. Each dish is perfectly attuned to the high demands of our guests. Details are important to us, because the eye is there, along for the taste. And in our Hotel Fernblick, the eye can also enjoy, not only with our culinary delights—because where else can you better enjoy Florian Ganahl and his team’s wonderful creations than with a good glass of wine in our modern restaurants and traditional parlors overlooking the breathtaking Montafon mountain splendor surrounding our hotel?



Gourmet hotel for your home


We want to let you in on the secrets of our gourmet hotel. Take our world of pleasure to your home and keep us in your memory after your vacation. For you, we put together the most popular recipes from Andreas Zudrell and our Chef Florian Ganahl’s kitchen so you can take a small piece of the delights of our gourmet hotel home with you.






Timeless comfort

Hotel Fernblick stands for fine dining, indulgence and comfort. We have a long-standing history that has made our hotel a leisurely break that many people still appreciate and love to this day. We were able to share and preserve our values and ideas over generations. Our grandparents Elisabeth (Ahna) and Franz-Josef Zudrell have put a lot of love in their vision. The focus was and still is the well-being of our guests, their satisfaction and their enjoyment, both for the stomach and for the soul.



Our world of pleasure

The soul can feel good everywhere at Hotel Fernblick: from the infinity pool to the spa oasis. However, our gourmet hotel also has some very special spots for you to discover and where you can live out your culinary dreams to the fullest. Hotel Fernblick has an inviting restaurant and two old sitting rooms, where you can find both a quiet spot to eat but also lively areas for fun evenings.



Hotel Restaurant Festgedeck

Have a seat in our spacious new hotel restaurant Festgedeck. Let your gaze wander over the picturesque Montafon mountain views and enjoy the wonderfully light Fernblick kitchen. Pure decadence. We put particular emphasis on regional support and the high quality of the products used: The culinary delicacies are created by our chef Florian Ganahl from organic produce coming from local farmers, mixed with international specialties.


Comfortable gatherings in our rooms

Our roots, traditions, values and love for the hotel industry make our Hotel Fernblick Montafon a place of wellbeing and a place of enjoyment for guests and employees alike. The love that Ahna and Franz-Josef have spent spreading their entire lives in their Hotel Fernblick can be felt throughout, most notably in the two Montafon-style rooms named after them. We have preserved these beautiful Montafon-style rooms and our values with the same love and passion for the new “Fernblick”, and can spoil guests from all over the world with culinary delights on a daily basis. The Elisabeth and Franz-Josef rooms offer a wonderful ambience and invite you to a cozy get-together with your family.


Favorite place for connoisseurs: panorama bar & hotel terrace

Tender loving care for the soul, that’s what our wellness areas and our delicious treats promise, but even more so, our panorama bar. Over the years, it has become the absolute favorite for those who are in the know and is ideal for coffee, tea, aperitifs, digestifs and, of course, delicious cocktails. Here you can fully relax and enjoy entertaining evenings with stunning views. Especially in the summer, the adjoining hotel terrace invites you to end the mild summer evenings comfortably and peacefully.


The Fernblick heart

This is where life pulsates. This is where the Fernblick heart beats. The Fernblick Lounge captivates with cozy nooks and parlors, plenty of space and a magical view out into nature. This is the place to meet other guests, enjoy a good glass of wine or walk to the most beautiful viewing terrace and marvel at the natural alpine landscape. Whatever you do, bliss and relaxation are everywhere in the Fernblick Lounge.


A treasure trove full of pleasures

Karl-Heinz Zudrell’s heart beats hard for his hotel and no less for his handpicked wines. In the hotel’s own wine cellar, the owner lives out his passion and selects only the finest from the world of wines for our guests. But see for yourself and embrace the opportunity to take an indulgent trip when the Fernblick wine cellar, under the boss’ guidance, invites you to a wine tasting.

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