Sauna & Steam Room

Maisäß Outside Sauna - Sought after both Summer and Winter

There was once an alpine cabin serving snacks and refreshments in a fabulous location with beautifully panelled rooms from really old wood. This cabin had to go to make way for a new one and, because the old wood was so prized and wonderful, we built our "Maisäß" Outdoor Sauna out of it. Planned, built and heated by ourselves with much love. The Maisäß Outdoor Sauna is probably the most sought after spot on the whole of the Bartholomä mountain. And it is not only the breathtaking view down into Silbertal that makes you break out into a sweat ...




Feinsinn Sweat Bath - Our Eco-Sauna

The so-called eco-sauna is in actual fact a sweat bath. The room temperature is 65 ºC, the humidity 50 per cent. Our eco-sauna will win you over. At 65° C you break out in a light sweat and enjoy pouring water onto fresh herbs.



Our "Feinsinn Steam Room"

If you find the classic sauna too intense then you can choose the "soft" option, the steam room. On average, the temperature here is between 40 and 45 º C. However, the humidity is considerably higher as supersaturated steam is piped into the steam room. Linger in this steam room amidst pleasant fragrances at 43° C.