Find your Breath.
Wandergruppe von hinten beim Wandern im Herbst im Montafon

Autumn Holidays in Austria

Colourful Natural Wonders

The golden autumn has a very special charm that can only be experienced during an autumn holiday in Austria. Hiking is always in season in the Montafon Valley, but no other season offers views as beautiful as autumn does. The air is much clearer than in spring, summer, or winter. Vista and view are therefore more spectacular. You also benefit from the slightly fresher air when running through the autumnal forests. And if fog should ever put nature in its seemingly mystical dress, then you can work out in our fitness room during your autumn holidays in Austria, swim in our five pools, and let yourself be pampered in our Wellness Oasis Me(e)hr_blick and our Me(e)hr_blick SPA.

Hotel Fernblick Montafon - Landschaft im Sommer

Feel the Golden Autumn

Golden. Autumn. Time!
7 nights to experience the magic as the forests become more colourful, the sunlight turns golden, and the air even fresher. Prepare yourself for the cooler season and strengthen your immune system during pleasure hikes through colourful, picturesque forests and let the fantastic views take effect on you.

What to do in autumn?

  • Paragliding
  • Motorcycling
  • Activity programme: guided hikes and tours, Nordic walking, aquafit, spinal gymnastics, abs, thighs and buns, deep relaxation, progressive muscle relaxation, and much more.
Wandern im Silbertal im Montafon


Running's the way to go!

Running during your autumn holiday in Austria is good for you. Runners gather fresh energy in the mountains; live and sleep healthier. So why wait? Running shoes on, and off we go! During your autumn holiday in Austria you can start your fun trip directly from our Hotel Fe_rnblick Montafon. Various routes, from easy to challenging, are waiting for you. Enjoy the time in the autumnal nature, tire yourself out, and back in our hotel Fernblick Montafon we will pamper you with our Fernblick cuisine and the wellness treatments and cosmetic treatments.

Wellnesshotel Vorarlberg - Fitnessraum | Hotel Fernblick Montafon


It's a hit to be fit!

In our "Fit-Mach-Mit" Cardio-Fitness room, top, modern equipment is available for you during your autumnal holiday in Austria. In a motivating environment you can let your gaze wander over the Silvretta mountain range from the cardio machines. Get your pulse going during your autumnal holiday in Austria. Investing time in your fitness and health in our Hotel Fe_rnblick Montafon, while taking advantage of the high level of training comfort, is a good way to make your autumn holiday in Austria a holistic experience. Because before or even after training, the Montafon nature calls!

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