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Spa in Vorarlberg reaches a new level

Newly built “Feingefühl Badehus”

Fernblick Holiday Hotel’s exclusive location in the middle of the Montafon mountain world can be enjoyed from a very unique outdoor pool starting this late summer. Built on stilts the Panorama Sky Pool reaches 20 metres out of the hotel. You have probably never been swimming in a pool like that before – but there is even more ...


The quote by Dante Alighieri “One waits for time to change, the other one grabs time and acts” has become the credo at our hotel and of the “Feingefühl Badehus” project. Apart from the outdoor pool at the Fernblick Hotel, there are various other things being implemented in the spa area.


From this year on you can expect the following facilities:

  • the new outdoor panorama Jacuzzi
  • the panorama indoor pool with a new design
  • the newly expanded relaxing area in the Room of Silence
  • additional relaxing areas in the new panorama lounges

You will be able to enjoy the priceless views over the surrounding natural environment and mountain world from all these facilities. Take a swim in the Sky Pool to the end of the pool – you will never forget these panorama views from the water.


Pre-Opening offer for the new spa experience in Vorarlberg

Before the big “Feingefühl Badehus” opening you will benefit from thesensational pre-opening offer. This way you can enjoy spa in Vorarlberg at the highest stage.


See more about: pre-opening offer


We gladly respond to your no obligation holiday enquiry for your desired date. Looking forward to welcoming you at the Fernblick Holiday Hotel in Montafon soon.