Enjoy the mountain view from our Infinity Pool

An extraordinary world

In our Hotel Fernblick, in the heart of the beautiful Montafon valley, you will be taken to a magical world right from our infinity pool: a world where time stands still, clocks slow down, everyday stress is forgotten and pleasure, peace and relaxation with breathtaking views take over.


Our infinity pool is considered the centerpiece of our hotel. Loved and treasured by spa enthusiasts, sports fans and vacation experts alike, it captivates our guests and allows you to get lost in its endless vastness and in the breathtaking panoramic views of the Montafon valley.



Our infinity pool: Simply breathtaking, all year round

Whether the Montafon forests shine in bright colors in the fall, the snowflakes dance in front of your eyes in winter, the meadows gleam colorfully in the spring or the glowing sun disappears behind the mountain peaks, you can see all these aspects of the nature’s spectacle in our infinity pool, in all their glory. The view from our infinity pool is simply breathtaking and will cast a spell over you.


Even better if the pool is pleasantly warm during all seasons and thus invites you to leave the stress of everyday life behind and free yourself for a while, even in chilly temperatures.

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Immerse yourself to the end of the horizon: selfies are allowed!

What makes a pool an infinity pool? Where does this indescribable feeling of being able to swim to the end of the horizon come from? This effect is produced by a special technique and optical illusion. In our pool, the water runs over a lowered edge in an overflow channel, which is located outside the pool. Moreover, our infinity pool stands on stilts and extends 20 meters beyond the hotel grounds. This special technique produces a demonstrable effect of optical illusion: your eye gets the feeling of being immersed in infinity. This allows you to have a very special swimming session and, of course, photo experience in our hotel.






Highlights im Infinity Pool

Our infinity pool invites you to do much more than just swimming. Among others, you can experience the following beautiful moments while in it:


Dreamlike tranquility

Right on the slope and away from the street or city noise, you can immerse yourself in the infinity pool, escape the everyday noise and feel the seasons on your face in soothing warmth.



During your stay with us in Fernblick Montafon and when visiting our wellness facilities, we like giving you a very special, relaxing and above all, unforgettable experience, particularly with our infinity pool. For this reason, only our hotel guests have access to our spa and wellness area. (No day guests)



Stunning panoramic views

Our hotel impresses with its incomparable location in the heart of the Montafon valley, being framed by the picturesque Alps. The infinity pool is elevated over a mountainous slope and gives you a feeling of weightlessness. This is actually surpassed only by the view of the natural backdrop of the Montafon valley. You will have the feeling of looking towards the mountains while sitting in an endless ocean.


Romance time

Hours full of romance come preprogrammed with our infinity pool. Your experience in the infinity pool becomes especially memorable when you share it and watch the sunset with your loved one.


Towards the evening and on clear nights, when the starry dome asserts itself against the darkness with its radiant glow, we recommend taking a swim in the infinity pool with a view of the twinkling starry sky.


Breathtaking picture backdrop

Take advantage of the natural panoramic views around our infinity pools and snap as many pictures as you wish. Capture your dreamlike experiences in our Hotel Fernblick in a photo for eternity or share them with others. If you would like to share your favorite moments with us, you can always do so on Instagram and Facebook.


365-days infinity pool

You can enjoy our infinity pool throughout the year. Whether it is spring, summer, fall or winter, our resort has its own charm all year round and makes your stay in our hotel a unique experience.

The infinity pool is waiting for you!

Infinity pool in numbers

  • Size: 20 meters long
  • Depth: 1,38 meters
  • Open: 07:00 AM – 07:00 PM
  • Water temperature: 28-30 ºC